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Find Snapchat Friends Domain Name Change

October 30th 2017

Find Snapchat Friends (www.findsnapchatfriends.com) has rebranded to Find Chat Friends and changed its domain name to www.FindChatFriends.com.

📑 You can visit the new website: Find Chat Friends

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Dirty Snap Sexting Changed Domain Name

October 25th 2017

Dirty Snap Sexting (dirtysnapsexting.com) has rebranded to Dirty Chat Sexting and changed its domain name to DirtyChatSexting.com.

📑 Don't forget to bookmark our new website: Dirty Chat Sexting

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Advanced Security

April 9th 2017

In today's internet experience, it's always important to operate under the best security and offer the best protection to users. This is why today we've opted to use the HTTPS protocol for our website, allowing you to navigate freely and securely. This protocol encrypts data you send (such as login credentials, passwords, etc) from your browser to our server through secured communication, mitigating the risks of hackers stealing your information.

Redesigned Search Menu

April 2nd 2017

We must admit the search menu was quite a bit tedious to use. We have reduced the clutter and left only what's important. With a single click, you can now easily search by mobile app (Kik), and filter on the profiles that have nude photos.

If this is not enough and you want to filter profiles by age, sexual orientation, country, city, or interests, You can use our advanced search tool:

Advanced Search

🎆 Official Launch of Dirty Chat Sexting

October 23rd 2016

Today marks our official launch! We're proud to bring you the web's best adult community to find Kik Sexting Usernames from all over the world ready to indulge in sexting on popular social apps, such as Kik. Talk to open-minded girls and guys that are here for the same reasons as you and are not afraid of getting down and dirty. What are you waiting for? Let's start this adventure!

I'm ready! How can people Snap&Chat me up?

To learn more on how to start your sexting journey, check out our about page explaining everything in detail:

3 easy steps to start sexting